Business Intelligence
Our platform delivers a single window for all your company information
business intelligence platform

Novaris Business Intelligence

Novaris Business Intelligence provides a secure and cost effective platform to retrieve, organize and manage information from multiple sources like: physical files, relational databases and multidimensional OLAP applications

Summary of key features:

  • Single platform / open architecture
  • User friendly via integrated web front-end:
    • Customized calculations
    • Ad Hoc and production reporting
    • Easy data navigation (drill up/down)
    • Ranking
  • Customizable
  • Rich analytics
  • User profiled security
  • Scalable
  • Massive user concurrency


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Our solutions and services are designed to reduce the time and cost of building, deploying and maintaining MIS applications
management information

We provide a centralized, automated and graphical infrastructure where users can meet their analysis, modeling and planning needs, including:

  • Financial Information
  • Performance Tracking
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury
  • CRM
  • Human Resources


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Value creation can be segregated to unit level with our Business Profitability Systems linking the performance of your company to the profitability of your units

Measuring Value at the Customer Level identifies the value creating components ultimately increasing the market value of your organization

We build models, based on Basel I or II standard methodologies, to determine Business Profitability (Customer, Product, Area, Country, etc) and develop a centralized, automated and graphical infrastructure to meet reporting, analysis and planning requirements

Your organization will be able to:

  • Continuously measure units’ performance: return on equity – by customer, products, relationship managers, countries, etc.
  • Ensure financial integrity and accountability
  • Proactively adjust strategy to optimize profitability


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Companies create value when the return they generate is higher than the cost of capital invested
customer profitability

Risk Adjusted Return on Capital - RAROC (Risk Adjusted Return / Allocated Risk Capital) is a risk adjusted measure of profitability to determine weather the cost of capital is being covered

Economic Value - EV is the size of the return

Same methodology applicable to products / countries / relationship managers, etc.


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